Giving Back to Our Community

At Air Now we believe that making charitable donations isn’t simply a feel-good thing. If you do it right, those donations can drive change in your community and within your organization. We know that cultivating a positive company culture and giving back to our community go hand in hand.

Every year Air Now gives back to the community, We feel that participating in the act of giving as a team, not only during the holidays but year round, will help to reinforce our unity and lift our company moral.


Teacher Appreciation

To be a great teacher, you have to have many superpowers! The best teachers are more than just educators and lecturers spouting lesson plans in front of a classroom of students. The best teachers are counselors, advocates, cheerleaders, and sergeants. The list goes on and on. They can stop time by talking about the most exciting things. They can teach you how to fly, because of that feeling you get after you have learned something that you never thought you could do! They often need to be many things to many people at the same time, but they can magically make every individual feel special and important. And yet, they are often not paid for all the work that they do, nor credited and respected for it.

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Annual Holiday Toy Drive

Here at Air Now, we believe that every child deserves a toy at Christmas, so When You call us From Now to Dec 18th you will get a FREE Service call by donating a new unwrapped toy.

Thanks again for helping make a child’s holiday wish come true!